The West Midlands Tri-Sector Challenge


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Join us on a learning adventure!

The challenge offers a fantastic opportunity for aspiring leaders to gain exposure to issues outside of their normal work giving them a taste of what senior management is really like. To successfully complete the challenge teams will have to work with neighbouring stakeholders and partners to deliver a new strategy for their organisation.

They’ll have to identify which areas to prioritise, deal with politically sensitive issues and maintain customer focus when determining how to provide the public with the best services possible despite limited resource. In a post pandemic world – we can all relate to how important simulation experiences can be to help prepare todays aspiring leaders for tomorrow’s unpredictable future.


Benefits of entering a team….

  • An opportunity to collaborate with and create lasting bonds with colleagues from across our sectors and services.
  • A rare opportunity to develop political acumen by working alongside real life elected officials in a highly pressurised environment.
  • Exposure to tasks and situations that senior managers face daily and some that luckily only occur occasionally!
  • An opportunity to put analytical and problem solving skills and tools to the test.
  • Exposure to intense time management constraints.
  • An opportunity to develop resilience to rapidly changing priorities, demands and timescales.
  • An opportunity to win the challenge and be crowned as Tri-Sector Challenge Champions

Who can enter?

Organisations can enter as many teams as they wish. Each team will comprise of 6 people who aspire to reach a senior post within their organisation and are currently working in: 


£1999 + VAT Per team. Max of 6 people per team

Closing date: 24th September 2024

To see a detailed overview of the Tri-Sector Challenge click on the brochure below


To see a glimpse of what you can expect watch the video below:

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