Manny joined WME in March 2005, having previously worked in a private sector Business Psychology Consultancy. Manny has extensive experience in resourcing and is the lead for recruitment and talent development within WME.  

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value” – Albert Einstein  

Manny is the Director of Leadership, Organisational Development and Resourcing for WME, and is responsible to the Chief Executive for managing and directing the Regional Shared Services (West Midlands Coaching Pool, and West Midlands Careers), and Consultancy Services under the Leadership, Organisational Development and Executive Recruitment portfolio.  

Manny is experienced in working with Councils and commercial partners to meet shared objectives, specifically through creation and establishment of regional partnership frameworks where longer term sustainability solutions for resourcing and leadership development are desired.  

Manny is also experienced in working with Councils to achieve resourcing objectives, specifically including campaign design, assessment design and delivery, candidate feedback, and advisory support to panels.  

With a background and interest in Occupational Psychology Manny, is responsible for delivering and introducing products and consultancy services across the Organisational Development, including leadership and management development programmes, coaching programmes, 360 assessments, psychometric assessments, health and wellbeing at work, and inclusion.  

In addition to Regional Improvement Body posts, Manny has worked in the Private Sector, providing consultancy services in recruitment and leadership development to a range of public sector clients (transport authorities, Universities and Colleges) and private sector in manufacturing, retail and customer services. 

She is qualified to administer and interpret psychometric tests levels A and B.