University of Gloucestershire

The University of Gloucestershire has joined the West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring pool!

The pool provides staff access to trained coaches and mentors, offering a safe space to explore ideas, ambitions, issues and challenges in their professional life.   It’s for anyone and everyone who would benefit from talking through situations and scenarios that may be creating feelings of stagnation or frustration. 


Here are some example scenarios that would benefit from coaching/mentoring:

“I want to progress in my career but I’m not sure where to go from here….”    

“How can I help my team work better together?

“I feel undervalued.  How can I make myself seen and make more contacts?”

“This role is proving challenging and making me question my ability.  What can I do?”  

“I feel that I have tried everything to resolve this matter …”   

 “I am way too busy and it’s really getting to me. How can I prioritise more effectively and/or build my resilience?”


Please read our UoG coaching and mentoring page for more details and how to book.