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Introduction to Leadership & OD

The Leadership and OD service is here to help propel public sector organisations toward their strategic workforce goals and empower others to ‘Ignite the People Experience’ with inclusion, culture, leadership and talent at the core. We lead on the design and delivery of services that add value where it matters most and encourage different thinking that helps create a public sector that is an employer of choice. We exist to help maximize the effectiveness, potential, and capacity of both people and organisations and we seek to support the curation of cultures founded on connection, collaboration and communication. We will work with you to explore ‘what could be’ and offer interim OD capacity; specialist consultancy; leadership facilitation; executive coaching; training delivery; event speakers and peer networking.

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Our Purpose
is to empower others to ‘Ignite the People Experience’ with inclusion, culture, leadership, and talent at its core.  

Our Service is designed to propel public sector organisations toward their strategic workforce goals. 

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We lead on the design and delivery of services that add value where it matters most, encourage different thinking, and foster a regional workplace that can:

Curate future focused, people related structures, strategies & plans setting out the organisational culture, values & behaviours that will attract, nurture, recognise & retain talent

Create & foster a climate of psychological safety across the organisation so that a diversity of talent can flourish and their uniqueness, potential & energy to make an impact is harnessed

Sharpen emerging and current leadership talent and practice through pathways of continued professional
development focussed on authenticity, inclusivity, compassion and innovation

Diversity and inclusion

Our services introduce an awareness of diversity and inclusion within your organisation, helping you embed both into your structures and to explore…

Health and Wellbeing

Workplace health and wellbeing are important factors in the sustainability of the workplace. We offer many ways to support both staff and managers in promoting a…

Build & sustain high performing teams that value diversity, can bring their best each day & make their mark

Anticipate and prepare the workforce for change and transformation to meet the future needs of the organisation by encouraging creativity and innovation at every level

Advance the focus and investment in the resilience and wellbeing of teams, leadership and employees, in particular their ability and desire to adapt, recover, cope, respond positively and ultimately thrive in times of challenge and change

We pride ourselves on creating dedicated space and opportunity for OD professionals in the public sector to purposefully network, unite in curiosity, collaborate for action and professionally challenge each others thinking

Explore comprehensive guides, toolkits, and best practices designed to improve organisational performance, support talent development, and drive strategic success. Explore a curated selection of resources to empower teams and leaders, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to excel in the public sector environment.

Whether the people expertise you need is best met by additional: interim capacity, specialist consultancy; leadership facilitation, executive coaching; training delivery; event speakers or peer networking, we can work with you to:

  • Get the foundations in place (education)
  • Develop organisational competence (CPD)
  • Nurture a diversity of talent (know-how)
  • Advance leadership capability (mastering)
  • Embed in culture and practice (strategy).

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