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We understand that effective, modern leadership is vital for driving success and achieving organisational goals. Even more so, it plays a significant part in the experience had by your people – those joining, staying and leaving.

Your cultural ambitions rest in the hands of your leadership capability with their actions directly shaping the behaviours and performance of others. Our support can ensure your leaders appreciate how to utilise their influence and impact for good.

We can provide practical guidance, training, and mentorship to aspiring leaders equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the complex challenges of the public sector.

For senior managers who have already established a track record to be proud of, WME serves as the trusted partner in their ongoing mastery and journey toward modernisation. We offer targeted support and specialist development opportunities to maintain their performance and continue setting the standards for exceptional public sector leadership.

Our services will help you

  • Ensure current and future leaders live and breathe your cultural ambitions and by default attract and retain a diverse and talented workforce
  • Embed and embrace compassionate leadership to underpin a thriving climate of high support and high challenge
  • Create high performing leadership teams who appreciate their own strengths and limitations; understand and trust each other and know how to achieve collective impact
  • Encourage those with influence to translate their leadership training and skills into authentic and powerful actions
  • Enable leaders to showcase their emotional intelligence and resilience whilst steering the way, role modelling and navigating others through times of significant challenge
  • Accelerate the pace of inclusion with allyship embedded at the heart of leadership practice and creating opportunities for those who may otherwise be overlooked
  • Build future leadership pipelines to experience and immerse themselves safely in ‘real life’ senior
  • Equip those starting in new management positions get to grips with what it means to manage others

You might value expertise from one of our associates to help you design a bespoke leadership framework specifically for your organisation. You might also prefer to explore our tried and tested leadership development products which are ready to go.

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Other products

  • Tri Sector Challenge 
  • AWARE for middle managers
  • Breaking Through
  • Bundle of RESPECT
  • Where’s Your Head At
  • Emerging Leaders Apprenticeship

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