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Our Achievements 

Covid19 Response Service
Our Covid19 response was essentially a completely new service that we stood up in the first few months of the pandemic to provide vital and valued support to our councils in their own response.








Back to business
As the months passed we began to refocus on the wider core services and what we needed to do to adapt these to a world of virtual working.

Despite the pandemic we wanted to meet our commitment to the new membership service benefits with regular communications, HR, OD and Transformation events, giving all councils access to the online Infinistats data service, launching a member only section within the new WME website, and we also began the process to develop strong relationships with our regional Trade Union secretaries. We ensured your benefits were available with some adaptations due to Covid.

Whilst many of our services were already operating via a virtual delivery, our training programmes were traditionally face to face so we committed time and resource to carry out a full review of our leadership development services. We moved at pace to develop a new ‘Leadership Roadmap’ comprising a wide range of new and responsive ‘virtual’ support services aligned to current workforce needs. From masterclasses in effective virtual working and human conversations, to sessions on wellbeing in the workplace for individuals and managers, access to coaching support, and professional development programmes that feature a ‘Covid’ component such as our Inspire People Professionals Academy delivered in partnership with the CIPD and LGA.

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