ILM Level 5 Effective Coaching and Mentoring Qualification 4


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ILM Level 5 Effective Coaching and Mentoring Qualification:

It’s likely you will be considering this qualification for one of three reasons:

  1. Your own personal and professional development 
  2. To add capacity to your organisation’s internal coaching and mentoring model
  3. To represent your organisation as part of the West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool

Regardless of your reason, you will definitely be someone who has the capacity to influence others, sees the power of coaching and mentoring behaviours and is committed to helping individuals be the best version of themselves. 

Through this programme, our commitment is to ignite, enthuse and develop your passion in the value of coaching and mentoring; engage and motivate you to maximise your experiences and successfully complete and build your confidence and competence to make a real difference with the skills you acquire . 

Click on the brochure below to discover more about this 10 month hybrid programme and the many benefits it can bring. 

Programme Schedule

Cohort 4 – February 2025 to January 2026

WMCMP subscribing organisation: £1,730.00 + VAT

WME Members: £1,820.00 + VAT

Non subscribing organisation: £2,180.00 + VAT

 Application Deadline

Monday 27th January 2025


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