Carrie has 20 years public sector experience and has been a key member of the WME team for 19 years.  She is highly proficient in customer resolution and ICT. Carrie manages the Corporate Centre for WME and is the service lead for Infinistats. She and her team manage WME’s event programme, as well as our media and web footprint. 

“While others were dreaming about it – I was getting it done.” ― Nathan W. Morris

Carrie is the Business and Corporate Services Manager at WME and is responsible to the Director of Corporate, HR and Membership Services. As a member of the Extended Management Team, Carrie has key responsibilities for the Business needs of the organisation. This covers a range of areas including ICT, media, membership database management and CRM. 

Carrie is highly experienced in managing ICT processes and online systems including Infinistats, Sharepoint, Office 365, Sage CRM and many more. 

Carrie has strong relationships with our members and she is known as the ‘go to’ person for any query.

Carrie is helpful and approachable to all of our members. She has established an excellent working relationship and built a good rapport with individuals both internally and with external bodies. 

Carrie has excellent project management skills and has managed and facilitated a number of high profile events, including the Love Your HR Conference in June 2018. 

Carrie recognises that customer satisfaction is key for our organisation and she strives to meet the needs and expectations of our members. Carrie ensures that we provide a first-class experience through effective communication, customer care and confidentiality.