Chrisie joined the organisation in July 2020 as our Business and Corporate Services Assistant.   

She has 15+ years of experience working with private sector professionals, particularly Solicitors and Barristers and is excited to share her knowledge with the team. She has a keen interest in IT and developing her skills at WM Employers.

“Work for someone who believes in you, because when they believe in you they’ll invest in you” – Marissa Mayer

Chrisie is motivated and has an excellent attitude to work and will turn her hand to any challenge in a positive and proactive way.  She is a team player and is always happy to assist. 

Chrisie thrives on our core values, Influence, Honesty, Excellence, Ambition, Respect and Trust and carries these values throughout her life, inside and outside of work. 

As the Business and Corporate Services Assistant, Chrisie’s key responsibilities are assisting with IT externally and internally, including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and CRM, providing support to the WME Team and collating data. Chrisie supports all colleagues with a variety of tasks and acting as one of the primary points of contact within the organisation. 

Chrisie is approachable and always happy to help.  She has a warm personality and builds strong relationships with colleagues and members.