Roger has always lived in Herefordshire, coming from an agricultural and youth work background. Elected to Herefordshire Council in 1997, he was Leader of the Council from 2003-2011. Since then, he has been Cabinet Member and chairs the Hereford & Worcester Fire Service.

He is a former Director of Advantage, West Midlands, and has held the chair of West Midlands Councils, the Regional Transport Committee, West Midland Employers and the National Association of Regional Employers.

He has been a Local Government Association lead member in local government workforce issues since 2005, serving as an executive member of the National Joint Council for Employers for local government and several other NJCs. Roger also Chairs NEOST, who represent the employers in education.

Roger was reappointed by the Secretary of State for a second term as Chairman of the Local Government Scheme Advisory Board, which oversees the governance and administration of the 88 pension funds in England and Wales. He also serves on the Advisory Boards of the Firefighters Scheme Pension and Teachers Scheme Pension.