Louis is a highly regarded leadership coach and development consultant with over 25 years’ experience in both the public and private sectors. A psychologist and a professional certified coach, who also knows what it takes to lead large teams in complex and fast-changing environments. When he is not coaching senior executives, managers and aspiring talent, he is delivering popular workshops and masterclasses, focused on providing people with the awareness and essential skills needed to get the most out of their most critical and challenging conversations.

Mastery of our conversational style and approach is becoming increasingly important as organizations transition from traditional, command and control, office-based structures operating in a predictable world, to ones which inhabit a VUCA (volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous) environment, where matrix leadership, remote working and collaborative teamwork is rapidly becoming the norm.

The Conversations Masterclass examines the behavioural limitations that impede us from having as effective conversations as we would like, helping you to overcome these limitations.

The workshop is appropriate for all levels of employee, from the shop-floor to the board room.

The Workshop will provide you with the skills to improve the conversations you have with:

The knowledge and skills you acquire will enable you to tackle conversations more confidently and effectively in the following areas:


A psychologist (Ph.D.) and professional certified coach (PCC) who has also held a number of significant positions in a variety of businesses and across a number of sectors. Some examples of the breadth and range of his experience include:

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