Sam has over a decade of project management experience in a large coaching and mentoring scheme across 25+ public sector organisations, as well as leadership development programmes. She is a trained coach and supervision facilitator with experience in systems development and training.   

‘Let the wise listen and add to their learning’ – Proverbs  

Sam is a WME consultant leading on Coaching and Mentoring services. This includes managing the West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool, a collaboration of over 25 subscribing organisations. She is responsible for the ongoing development of the pool as well as supporting organisations as they work towards a coaching culture. 

Working alongside a variety of experts in coaching and mentoring, Sam coordinates CPD and Supervision, executive coach matching, coaching and mentor training and online learning. Sam has a lot of events management experience and is responsible for the annual Coaching and Mentoring Conference for approximately 200 participants. 

Sam is a qualified leadership coach, herself, and volunteers as part of the pool. She is responsible for ensuring ongoing training and development for coaches and is a trained supervision facilitator. 

Sam has worked for West Midlands Employers since 2007, straight from University. She has been involved in coordinating large scale leadership and development programmes at all levels of leadership and developed the WME 360 feedback service. She has been involved in all aspects of projects including research, procurement, communications, evaluation, IT systems development and finance.