Sharon has been with the organisation for many years and prior to joining she was a shareholder partner of several small manufacturing enterprises.  She has extensive experience in corporate services, product development and financial management.  

“Give me a problem to solve – there is nothing more rewarding than finding creative solutions that make a difference for people”  

Sharon is an Assistant Director responsible for Finance & Governance at WME and is responsible to the Chief Executive. She is a member of the Senior Leadership Team and manages the Finance Team.  

She is the longest serving member of the WME family. She is an accountant by profession, but has a wealth of experience in the wider role of business and corporate services management and over the years has been involved in almost all aspects of WME’s work, supporting and leading the development of business policy and practices.   

Sharon now works part time and to facilitate her reduced hours, she is focussing her energy on delivering sound and robust financial management and governance practices for WME including procurement and contract management.  She is the WME Treasurer. 

Sharon finds it hard to say no to a challenge, so will often take a lead role on behalf of the Senior Team to champion initiatives or projects, particularly in relation to marketing, communications and employee engagement.