Over 25 years’ experience of HR, working in multiple sectors from manufacturing, leisure, charity including FTSE 100 & 250 organisations. 15 years of Local Government experience.

Enabling organisations or departments see and understand their services from the customer’s perspective. Align management structures and activities which improve service delivery.

Helping organisations identify value which benefits their customers.

If you want to know why efficiency is not often efficient, then contact WME.

Additional services: –

External and vexatious complaints investigator

Customer-focused restructures

Hay job evaluation reviews & refresher training

Continuous Improvement specialist

Team based problem solving

Inventory reduction and operational improvements

HR Consulting, to test and clarify HR related proposals

Red Team testing of plans/strategies

Problem solving report writing (A3’s)

Identification of value-adding and non-value-adding activities

Value Stream & Customer Journey Mapping

Office and service decluttering

Interim HR assignments

Available for single sessions, days or short-term contracts


Significant experience in HR across multiple sectors. 20 years’ experience of contract and interim assignments. Worked in County and District Councils. Ex Hay Group Associate Consultant.

Key skills: Able to identify the fundamental issues and resolve them. Linking activities to customer demands and how these add value

Qualifications and Membership

Chartered Member CIPD

Associate Member Chartered Institute of Arbitration

Hay, NJC & GLPC Job Evaluation Experience

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt