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Since the last edition of WME’s quarterly editorial publication on all things people, organisation and leadership in the public sector, there have been some changes, as we move into another lockdown albeit less restrictive in many ways than the first but still challenging, and teams across the Region; our adapted ways of working have become embedded.

This Autumn Edition of The Pulse includes;

  • A 6 page special focus on Leadership within the public sector, with a series of guest articles including new Leadership and Management programmes, including a look at what is coming next.
  • Insights from our recent WME HOT Conference: With the demands of this extraordinary year, we wanted October HOT to focus on allowing people to take a moment, to take stock, reset and refocus our mindsets ready for what lies ahead. The sessions were less about Coronavirus, but more about the HOT topics of today, like Diversity and Inclusion, Sourcing Talent, Data Insights and Virtual Onboarding.
  • Upcoming WME Events: Employment Law, Coaching and Mentoring Conference.
  • WMHeroes to Career Heroes: Our next plan, as part of a wider resourcing strategy for the region and sector.
  • Recruitment: Inclusive Recruitment, Job Market Insights, WMJobs Workshops, Social Care.
  • A range of articles on having a renewed focus, inclusion and so much more!

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