The Pulse – Summer 2023 Edition


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Welcome to the Summer Edition of The Pulse, which is now available as an e-reader here.

The Summer Edition of the Pulse includes:

  • Social Work Recruitment Challenges
  • Three That’s the Magic Number
  • A New Era of Work: It’s time to truly unlock
    the organisational
  • Childrens MOU
  • Coaching Development Pathway
  • Coaching @ WME
  • Farewell OD Forum and Hello WMOD – Elite
  • WME at the LGA
  • WME’s New Talent
    Acquisition Platform
    and WMJobs Service
  • Upcoming Open Programme events, news and so much more

To read the latest edition of The Pulse click here.

We hope you enjoy our latest issue. We are always keen on your views, please email our team at with any suggestions or feedback.


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