Birmingham City Council

The West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool offers the fantastic opportunity for you or your employees to receive free high quality executive coaching from fully qualified and accredited performance coaches, or mentoring from experienced individuals who have knowledge and expertise to share.

Accessing the West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool

Birmingham City Council’s Learning Operations Team have identified four routes to apply for coaching or mentoring with the Pool;

  1. As an individual
  2. As part of your learning and development need identified through your My Appraisal
  3. If you are currently on a Management or Leadership Development  Programme
  4. You can also apply as members of a management team to receive coaching as part of a team project

Are You:

  • A manager who has been given more responsibility/changed role as a result of restructuring?
  • A manager involved and leading staff through transformation and change programmes?
  • A manager undertaking a service review?
  • A manager looking to reflect on and change your management, communication style, relationships with colleagues and build staff morale?
  • A newly appointed or promoted manager?
  • Seeking to lead/manage in a more effective way?
  • Wishing to increase personal performance or the performance of others?
If you are confident that you meet one or more of the above criteria please register on the online matching site and complete the registration form to outline what you are looking to gain from engaging with a coach/mentor. Your request will then be reviewed and if approved you will be given access to search for a coach or mentor from the pool.

Shaid Zamir, Talent & Learning Officer, The Learning & Development Service, will review all requests. If you have any questions get in touch:

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