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Working with a Coach or Mentor can make a profound impact on performance and confidence. Coaching and Mentoring are proven to help enhance performance and the speed at which it is achieved.
A Coach will help you through raising awareness; looking at different perspectives to enable you to think things through in ways you couldn’t do on your own and a Mentor does this through sharing their experience and expertise.  If you have something you want to accomplish at work consider working with a Coach or Mentor to help you get there.
Coaching  involves working 1 to 1 with someone who can help you look at how you need to be in your role as well as help you establish what you need to do. Coaching can support if you want to:
  • make a change, no matter how big or small
  • think through decisions or re-imagine the future
  • constructively review and enhance your approach and working style
  • improve working relationships
  • develop your resilience
If you are looking for someone with relevant skills to help your thinking so you can develop, then Coaching could be right for you.
Mentoring  involves working 1 to 1 with someone who has skills or experience you want to develop yourself in, such as gaining:
  • practical advice or to deepen your technical knowledge
  • understanding of how a service area or organisation works
  • knowledge about how to work strategically or politically to get the job done
  • a way to develop your networks
If you are looking for some development from someone with credibility and experience to support your professional development, then Mentoring may be right for you.

The offer for Coaching and Mentoring enables you to benefit from access to Coaches and Mentors from a range of organisations within the system – this is a partnership between MPFT, University Hospitals North Midlands, North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare and the Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent CCGs (together known as Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent NHS Coaching Partnership).  Please be assured that although the name of the Partnership is the Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent NHS Coaching Partnership, coaching remains available across the entire Trust.

As a Partnership we are also signed up as members of the wider West Midlands Coaching & Mentoring Pool (WMCMP). The WMCMP is a well-established and nationally recognised with members across all aspects of the public sector in the West Midlands, including Local Government, Fire and Rescue, Health, and University sector. Our membership of the WMCMP gives and opportunity for you to also potentially access coaches from the wider external pool and work with individuals across the region in those other public sector organisational contexts in particular circumstances.    

Whether you have experienced Coaching before or are completely new to it, this  Guide for new coachees is a single document that responds to and answers queries about what Coaching is, about the Pool and how to access it, and how to make the most from Coaching. It also includes information on Mentoring (note this is not clinical Mentoring).  

Who could benefit?

Coaching opportunities are aimed predominantly for those with elements of leadership responsibility; however this can be at any level and does not have to be part of a formal management role.  

Mentoring is a means to support staff with their professional/career development needs and career aspirations and we actively encourage employees at any level to become involved. 

Accessing Coaching or Mentoring

If you believe that Coaching or Mentoring would improve your performance and enable you to contribute further to the organisation’s success please discuss and agree your rationale for receiving Coaching or Mentoring with your manager before registering for access to the Pool. You can then complete the registration form on the online matching hub providing a clear summary of what you are looking to gain from a Coaching or Mentoring relationship.  

If coaching is a suitable development option for you, please register as a Coachee on the online matching hub, if mentoring then register as a Mentee.

Your request will then be reviewed and if approved you will be given access to search for a Coach or Mentor.

Further Information

If it would help to discuss your requirements and understand which is the best option for you please email od@mpft.nhs.uk 

Please note that this Coaching offer is an updated way of delivery of our formal 1-2-1 coaching offer within MPFT and is an enhancement to our Mentoring (non clinical) offer.  

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