Staffordshire County Council

We know that the challenges you face working in a local authority can be tough, especially with the current financial climate and rapid pace of change. We believe coaching and mentoring are key to helping you face these challenges with confidence, providing valuable time for you to reflect and support for you to develop and grow.  

The West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool offers a fantastic opportunity for you or your team members to receive high quality coaching and mentoring from fully qualified and accredited coaches and is free at the point of access.

Through the online matching site you can access coaches that are internal to SCC and coaches and mentors from other organisations across the West Midlands.  Registration is the same process for both, however once you are ready to select a coach you will need to decide whether to enter the internal or external pool.

WM Coaching & Mentoring Pool (External)

If you fall into one of the following categories you may wish to select an external coach or mentor: 

• You are a manager who has been given more responsibility or changed roles as a result of an organisational restructure

• You are involved in or leading staff through a transformation and/or change programme

• You are a manager or leader looking to improve your change management skills or communication style or to improve relationships with colleagues and build team morale.

SCC Internal Pool

Our SCC coaches will be able to support you with a number of other areas in addition to those relevant to the external pool:

• Support managers and leaders in understanding how to implement their business and service plans and drive for the four key enablers

• Support “talented” individuals who are likely to move into new roles, take on new projects or be a successor 

• Drive organisational change and encourage innovation in relation to large transformation or change projects (e.g SMART project).

What’s right for me?

If you want to know more or if you aren’t yet sure which intervention is right for you please contact to discuss your needs.

Next steps

If you have decided that coaching or mentoring is for you and you fall into one of the above categories what next? Firstly you will need to register and complete your profile outlining what you would like to achieve and how you think coaching or mentoring will help.  Once you have completed your profile you will be able to view all of the coaches and mentors that are currently available and decide who is best suited to meet your needs.

If you have any problems registering or completing your profile please contact for further support.

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