There is open access to coaching and mentoring for all managers in Walsall Council.  Coaching and/or mentoring may be identified as an appropriate route for personal development via:

  • EPA’s (Appraisal)
  • Supervision sessions
  • Discussion with L&OD specialists, internal coaches or HR business partners
  • Self identification

What employees need to do:

Prior to accessing a coach or mentor Walsall managers should consider the following points;

  • What am I hoping to achieve? 
  • What is the nature of the support I am seeking?
  • Am I most likely to benefit from working with a coach or a mentor?

In all cases individuals should discuss the idea of accessing a coach or mentor with their line manager before committing to either activity, as the line managers support is essential.

A three way meeting with the Key Contact Steph Charles may be useful if there are any areas that need clarification before the individual proceeding with their interest


Employees can gain information and access to the coaching and mentoring pool via the learning and development coaching pages (see link below). 

It can be really helpful to have a conversation to review what you are hoping to achieve and establish whether accessing a coach or mentor is the right thing for you; if you would like to do this please contact Steph Charles, based in the HR Learning and Development Team.  

All those accessing the Coaching and Mentoring Pool should only do so with the knowledge and support of their line manager 


Anyone considering accessing a coach or mentor would benefit from accessing the coaching and mentoring material and resources that are accessible via the Learning and Development team.  

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