West Midlands Combined Authority

The West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool offers the fantastic opportunity for employees to receive free high quality coaching from fully qualified and accredited performance coaches, or mentoring from experienced individuals who have knowledge and expertise to share.

The West Midlands Combined Authority recognises the importance of coaching and mentoring to support learning and performance. Access to coaches will bring an external viewpoint and perspective. If you wish to apply for coaching or mentoring support from the pool, you must involve your line manager closely in the process and ensure the request for coaching or mentoring is as a result of your performance and development conversations.

If you…

         Have been given more responsibility/changed role as a result of restructuring

         Are involved in leading staff through transformation and change programmes

         Undertaking a service review

         A newly appointed or promoted manager

         Seeking to lead/manage in a more effective way

         Increasing personal performance or the performance of others

…then coaching or mentoring could be helpful to you.

They will also support our Values in the following ways:

   collaborative – work with each other as one organisation

  Be innovative – embrace change/open to new possibilities

  Be driven – take ownership for our performance and outcomes

  Be inclusive – encourage and support each other to learn and grow

To access a coach or mentor:

1. You will need to discuss with your line manager as part of your one to one meetings to see if coaching and mentoring will benefit you and ensure this is captured in the development objectives section of your PDP.

2. Following agreement with your line manager, please register on the online matching site and complete the registration form to outline what you are looking to gain from engaging with a coach/mentor. A link to the pool will be on our intranet home page

3.  Your request will then be reviewed and, if approved, you will be given access to search for a coach or mentor from the pool.

4. Please discuss with OD and Engagement Team if you would like to explore coaching as part of a team project.

Key Contact Information

If you require more specific information on coaching please contact Linda Francis – linda.francis@wmca.org.uk 

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