West Midlands Fire Service

West Midlands Fire Service believe coaching has a key role to play in developing staff in the organisation and are a committed member of the regional Coaching and Mentoring Pool organised by West Midlands Employers.

Employees of West Midlands Fire Service have access to internal coaching with someone from your organisation or an external coach or mentor from the regional pool.

Internal or External Coach?

West Midlands Fire Service has an internal network of experienced coaches who offer a very high standard of coaching support. Our Internal Coaches have all received training from West Midlands Employers and/or are qualified to ILM Level 5 and all are required to take part in supervision and continuing professional development. They also adhere to the West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool Code of Conduct. These colleagues will have shared organisational understanding, which is a useful feature of internal coaching.

Alternatively, you also have access to highly qualified coaches working in potential or practicing senior leaders in other public sector organisations, who will bring an external viewpoint and perspective. If you apply for coaching or mentoring from an external coach, you will be encouraged to involve your line manager closely in the process, e.g. in agreeing and reviewing goals. Within the partnership the expectation is that the coach is expected to travel to the client, although coaches from further afield may ask if you can meet halfway or if you are happy to be coached remotely (i.e. via telephone/Skype etc) for some sessions.

External coaching maybe a particularly useful resource for Middle Managers wishing to progress to a more strategic level.

To access a coach:

1. If you plan to access coaching during working hours, please ensure you have the approval of your line Manager.

2. Reflect on what you wish to gain from coaching. It’s also helpful to discuss what you wish to gain coaching with your line manager or another colleague.

3. Consider if you would prefer an internal West Midlands Fire Service coach, an external coach, or if you have no preference.

4. Please then register your details on the West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool website to search for a suitable coach.

Key Contact Information

If you require more information on coaching please contact:

Kerry Evans, kerry.evans@wmfs.net