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WMP is committed to nurturing and supporting a healthy, capable and engaged workforce to have the skills and behaviors to prevent crime, protect the public and help those in need. West Midlands Police has established a coaching and mentoring pool, Coach 2 Grow, to improve organizational and personal performance. Coach 2 Grow aims to develop our people through coaching and mentoring to build their resilience, improve performance and unlock potential. Coaching & mentoring is available to all, however, to ensure maximum benefits the target audience for their coaching and mentoring is, but not exclusively, for individuals

  • who have taken on new responsibilities or a different job
  • who are adapting to the change and seeking to optimize these opportunities
  • who are new to the organization
  • who are returning from a period of long-term leave ( i.e. sickness, maternity, career break)
  • who are looking to develop their skills in change management, communication style, relationships with colleagues and building staff morale.
  • who are seeking to work on resilience techniques to help themselves and others thrive not just survive the challenges facing them

Coach 2 Grow aims to provide access to high quality and effective coaching and mentoring to all in West Midlands Police. To do this we have joined the WM Employers Coaching & Mentoring pool which will allow access to external coaches and mentors from over 25 public sector organisations. In addition we have our internal provision with a wide range of coaches and mentors from across WMP. Individuals can choose a coach or mentor from within West Midlands Police or an external one depending whether the achievement of their learning outcomes would best supported by having a coach or mentor with an understanding of our organisation or if an external perspective would be helpful. An associate pool for coaching and mentoring for Chief Officers and Directors is available which can be accessed by emailing one of the Learning & Delivery Managers within the Development and Performance Team within POD.

How to access Coaching or Mentoring

If you believe Coaching and Mentoring would improve your performance and help enable you to be your very best at work each day please register on the online matching site (either as a coachee if looking for coaching, or a mentee if looking for mentoring)  and complete the registration form to outline what you are looking to gain from engaging with a coach/mentor.  Your request will then be reviewed and if approved you will be given access to search for a coach or mentor.

Key Contact Information

If you would like more information please contact one of the Learning & Delivery Managers detailed below: 

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