HR Metrics


HR Metrics Service conducts a range of HR metrics surveys for the 33 councils within the West Midlands Region.  The Service provides benchmarking and analysis for the data collected to enable councils to:

  • compare and assess their performance across a range of HR measures;
  • work collaboratively to develop and progress best practice; and
  • tackle new challenges that require data insights.

The Service is fully funded by annual subscriptions. All 33  local authorities subscribe.  The Service uses an online application called InfiniStats for most of the HR Metrics Surveys.

This is a user-friendly online tool where councils enter their own data and can access a range of outputs including scorecards and detailed benchmarking reports that are tailor-made for each council with their own logo and colours. Councils can also add extra text including commentary and action plans to their own reports for local use. For a description of the InfiniStats service visit

The HR Metrics service continually develops the surveys it delivers, responding to new needs for data collection as they arise.

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