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WME understands that attracting and retaining top talent is paramount to achieving sustained success and growth, particularly in the public sector where the workforce is ageing and not seen as an obvious first choice of career to many.

Of course, attracting talent is just the first step; retaining them requires investment in their growth and delivering on
the promises and expectations during selection. WME has access to highly skilled and experienced associates who
can help you define a culture that resonates with your people and communities and aligns with the wider mission
and vision. By creating a unique and inspiring cultural identity, we can help you ensure that candidates are not
only attracted to your organisation but motivated to stay and contribute.

Fostering an inclusive environment not only boosts employee morale and productivity but it creates diverse perspectives within the workforce that, in turn, leads to more innovative solutions, and better decision-making which is vital for addressing complex public sector challenges. Being clear and real about your identity as an employer is crucial for ensuring reality meets expectation and the experience that everyone has delights. Weaving that identity and inclusivity into your DNA will ensure everyone feels able to make an authentic impact.

All of that relies upon HR and OD ambition, capability and insight. As the bridge between the present and the future, people professionals simultaneously react and innovate placing their roles in the driving seat for change and cementing their lead for
successful and systematic transformation of the way people work.

Our services will help you

  • Continue to modernise, grow and cascade your internal ODEV and OD mindset and power
  • Add dedicated expertise and capacity when it’s needed to accelerate the people experience and associated product or system design
  • Define, shape and advance organisational culture, particularly focused on creating a landscape of psychological safety
  • Build and embed organisational creativity competence and capacity for idea generation and different thinking
  • Use data to help shape people-centric structures with a clear alignment to values and behaviours
  • Aligned skills and know-how of all those that touch your resourcing processes

Sometimes it’s an additional pair of expert hands or dedicated professional challenge that’s needed but when you are thinking specifically about people capability then you will want to know more about our products.

Our Products


Other products

  • OD Consultancy and Interim placements
  • Interview skills for managers
  • Inclusive recruitment Masterclass – balancing bias in the recruitment process

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