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We know how hard it is to retain staff. It’s a highly competitive landscape. Being able to genuinely connect and engage your people in the bigger picture will play a significant role in shaping their careers and impact within the public sector.

Emphasis needs to be on shifting disconnected teams to interconnected and self-directed high performing networks, through compassion, collaboration and collective growth. Start leaning into your cultural quirks and celebrate individual and collective difference with greater appreciation of how your people can make the greatest impact. Identify the areas, structures, processes and relationships that can be improved to tackle current people challenges, drive better outcomes and make powerful decisions.

At the human level, WME has access to a range of powerful tools and diagnostics that can help you measure everything from communication preferences and personality to the impact individuals, teams and directorates can have in their work. Our associates are fully trained and accredited to deliver and administer Insights Discovery and the GC Index.

WME will work collaboratively with you to cultivate an environment where colleagues are given opportunities for growth, development and impact drawing upon a range of ready-made solutions that require little or no customization.

Our services will help you

  • Adopt a people centric approach to culture, leadership and talent ensuring everyone feels able to bring their best to work each day
  • Nurture behaviours that are compassionate, respectful, inclusive and empowering
  • Have purposeful open and challenging conversations that get to the heart of the matter
  • Gain insight into potential collective impact with an organimetric that helps align and harness leaders,
  • teams and organisations in a way that drives performance and results
  • Identify future people challenges, see future transformational possibilities and create a culture of shared endeavor and focus
  • Explore individual impact, regardless of role and experience and build high performing teams on the foundations of trust, insight and influence
  • Understand people’s communication preferences and their effect on others

To lean into your collective and individual uniqueness, our associate consultants can help leverage new
behaviours and mindset. In addition, our products, can help you maximise on the impact everyone can make.

Our Products


Other products

  • Compassionate leadership
  • We will accelerate
  • EDI and Anti-discrimination 
  • Unconscious bias to cultural competence
  • Microaggressions are not so micro

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