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We are committed to helping our members build and sustain high-performing teams that embody the principles of diversity, excellence, and impact. We recognise the power of different perspectives and believe that when individuals feel valued and empowered, they bring their best to the table every day.  

We work closely with organisations to assess their current team dynamics, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and design strategies to cultivate a culture of collaboration, innovation, and mutual respect.

Our ability to weave coaching right at the core of individual, team and organisational performance is what stands us apart from others. Whether that be adopting a coaching mindset, training to be a coach or joining more than 38 other public sector organisations subscribe to access internal and external coaches across the West Midlands.

Take some time to explore our coaching pathway and make decisions about embedding the coaching and mentoring skills that are right for your organisation. Whether its awareness or formal qualifications, there’s a way to leverage management capability.

The West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool (WMCMP) is a hugely successful regional collaboration that provides cost-effective and scalable access to coaching and mentoring with the vision of ‘Enabling people to become the best they can be, whatever the work environment’.

Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader… they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role – always about the goal.

Being a public sector senior leader is complex, challenging and yet crucial to get it right. They’re expected to be confident, navigate through political environments, work across organisational boundaries constantly delivering better for less whilst also horizon scanning and thinking strategically for teams and communities.

It can be a lonely, and tough yet rewarding in many ways. We understand that everyone, across all levels of leadership, need a ‘safe’ place – a sounding board, a critical friend.

Our Executive Coaches are an invaluable source of support. Their backgrounds vary with leadership experience at a senior level including local government chief executives, the NHS, the third sector and private sector. Some will have specialisms such as resilience, inclusion, business psychology.

Our approach enables effective one-to-one coaching for new and established leaders looking to refine their approach or gain triage support in critical situations.   

We offer training and development opportunities that equip teams with the tools and skills necessary to navigate challenges, build resilience, and sustain performance all with the political acumen front of mind. We can help empower teams to embrace diversity, tap into their collective strengths, and contribute to environments where their peers can contribute their best
ideas and thrive.

In addition our 360-degree feedback tool has been used extensively by public sector organisations in the West Midlands to give employees a fuller picture of their performance and an expanded self awareness. It fits neatly with leadership development, talent access and high potential pathways and, with the support of a dedicated project manager, is the perfect development tool for individuals, teams, directorates, and whole organisations.

Our services will help you

  • Develop and deliver a range of bespoke learning and development opportunities to support individuals and teams
  • Proactively enabling teams that may have faced challenge, discontent or disruption start moving to a space of respect, harmony and collaboration to deliver what is needed
  • Provide on-going support, challenge, confidence and reflection as individuals encounter changes, challenges and opportunities
  • Regularly assess team dynamics to understand strengths and areas for development.
  • Advocate for the integration of coaching principles at the core of individual, team, and organisational
    performance, ensuring that coaching is seen as a fundamental tool for personal, and professional development.

Building high performing teams requires a sustained effort, diversity of approaches and an openness to meeting
individual need. Our products can help you maximise on the support and awareness available for all.

Our Products


Other products:

  • High Performing Teams
  • Internal Coaching CPD and Supervision
  • Manager as Coach • Coach 2 Grow
  • Coaching Culture (e-resources)

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