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When in a strategic role, we’re expected to be creative. We’re expected to be innovative. We’re expected to reform, re-imagine and re-invent our services and people. We’re expected to see into the future and get our organisation fit for purpose. It’s a big ask. These are capability expectations but not necessarily capability realities. Creativity and innovation skills and behaviours are quite unique. They don’t come naturally to everyone.

Our instinct when planning a new piece of work or leading a process of change is often to surround ourselves with people we know will ‘get stuff done’. WME will provoke a deliberate act of seeking different perspectives that will likely challenge your own.

As we enter an era of significant change and transformation; whether that be proactively preparing for the future of work or reacting to the challenges that lead us to adjust who and how we deliver our services for continued viability; the capability and capacity of our workforce for creative thinking and innovative action is going to be put to the test.

WME has developed a range of support services focused specifically in the space of thinking differently, generating ideas, along with tools for workforce planning. The natural progression is to align that with appropriate support for organisations as they translate opportunities into reality through carefully managed change initiatives.

Our services will help you

  • Understand how your people can make their best impact and build the capability of your workforce to
    embrace and actively contribute to the future
  • Ensure your HR and OD people can lead the way, role model and embed creativity and innovation
    and inspire strategic leaders to create and sustain a creative and change ready climate
  • Intensify your influence by grounding decision making in informed people analytics
  • Support colleagues during times of significant change and then re-energise and re-engage
    teams for future success
  • Deploy strategic workforce planning to nurture and accelerate high performing, cross organisational
    teams and re-skill and transfer competence where it’s needed most
  • Manage change effectively and tackle the wicked issues

Getting the right people ready to inspire, embrace and deliver change has to be central to the future of work. Check out our products as a means of aligning capability, capacity and insight.

Our Products


Other products:

  • From Setback to Success
  • Creating and Leading Change Ready Teams
  • Being Change Ready in an Ever Changing Workplace
  • Imagine and SWARM

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We pride ourselves on creating dedicated space and opportunity for OD professionals in the public sector to purposefully network, unite in curiosity, collaborate for action and professionally challenge each others thinking

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