Network and Collaborate


We pride ourselves on creating dedicated space and opportunity for OD professionals in the public sector to purposefully network, unite in curiosity, collaborate for action and professionally challenge each others thinking. In a safe space to learn, grow and potentially find shared solutions, we dedicate time for collective CPD.

Regional West Midlands OD Network 

A community of People Professionals wanting to further their OD insights and capabilities. Networking moves us from siloed, hierarchical organisations into a new world where we learn, work and design together, positioning us as key to the success of system and organisational change.

WMOD provides the perfect opportunity for collective CPD, showcasing the expertise of our family of associate consultants. Putting specific people priorities under the spotlight six times a year, re-energises how we continue to Engage, Lead, Include, Transform and Enrich (ELITE) the future workforce.

National Culture and OD Exchange Network

CODE gives a national platform for HR and OD professionals to connect and learn from and with each other. With access to an online resource, members can stimulate conversation and exchange information at any time, on matters important
to them and with those who feel able to contribute. The adhoc space is regularly enhanced by briefing sessions led by experts in the people and culture space.

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Curate future focused, people related structures, strategies & plans setting out the organisational culture, values & behaviours that will attract, nurture, recognise & retain talent
Create & foster a climate of psychological safety across the organisation so that a diversity of talent can flourish and their uniqueness, potential & energy to make an impact is harnessed
Sharpen emerging and current leadership talent and practice through pathways of continued professional development focussed on authenticity, inclusivity, compassion and innovation

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Build & sustain high performing teams that value diversity, can bring their best each day & make their mark
Anticipate and prepare the workforce for change and transformation to meet the future needs of the organisation by encouraging creativity and innovation at every level
Advance the focus and investment in the resilience and wellbeing of teams, leadership and employees, in particular their ability and desire to adapt, recover, cope, respond positively and ultimately thrive in times of challenge and change

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